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DJ Fresco

Bryan "DJ Fresco" Ribeiro has been rocking the turn tables for over 6 years. With a diverse background in a variety of different cultures he is sure to know the best songs to play to
get anyone out of their seat and dancing! Bryan loves to see the crowd's reaction when he plays their favorite songs, so he will surely keep your dancefloor packed all night long!


DJ Sean

DJ Sean started spinning the turn tables in 2009 and has been rocking since! With over 10 years of experience under his belt, he has played events and venues of all kinds and specializes in weddings. He prides himself on his ability to read the crowd and predict what they want to hear. With his eclectic knowledge of music, DJ Sean will keep your guests on their feet for a night they
will not forget. Oh, and did we mention that Sean is also an acoustic guitarist, the perfect addition to your cocktail hour or dinner service. You’re sure to make plenty of memories when DJ Sean is in the building.


DJ Darien

DJ Darien has been mastering the turntables for almost ten years! With his great attention to detail and always putting the client at the forefront, DJ Darien is guaranteed to make your event everything you've dreamed of! DJ Darien loves keeping the dancefloor packed all night and will be a great addition to any event.


DJ Diego

Diego the DJ has been in the industry for over 15 years! His passion, attention to detail, and drive to ensure every client’s expectations are met are some of the qualities that make Diego stand out when looking for the right DJ to curate your event. Diego loves to keep the dancefloor packed all night as that is how he pours his energy onto any event that he is assigned to.


DJ Max

Maxwell has had a love for music since he was 5 years old. Dancing the night away and having the time of your life is always Maxwell's goal at every event he does. With Maxwell's personality and charisma your event will be talked about for years to come. Maxwell can't wait to be apart of your event, bring the entertainment of a life time!


DJ Logan

Dj Logan has a true passion for music, attention to detail, which lets his talent shine. With his extensive knowledge of music, ranging from the newest hits to the old-school classics, his is sure to be a hit for any style event!


DJ Matt

DJ Matt is a Bostonian DJ who has a genuine love for music. He always brings great vibes no matter where he’s playing. With a diverse taste in music, he can move a room whether it’s in Boston or Austin. Matt’s love for DJing is fueled by seeing everyone jamming out to whatever is playing on the speakers. Matt will never disappoint bringing the best vibes every time!


DJ Ryan

Ryan started DJing with one primary objective; to spread his love of music to the world by offering professional and trustworthy DJ services. His passion for music and desire for customer satisfaction is the reason he believes he is a great choice for anyone who is looking to host a wedding or event. Ryan understands the value music can bring and how important it is to give your guests what they came for…


DJ Mark

Dj Mark has a true passion for music, attention to detail, which lets his talent shine. With his extensive knowledge of music, ranging from the newest hits to the old-school classics, his is sure to be a hit for any style event!


DJ Sha-Boo

DJ Sha-Boo (Michael) has been behind the turn tables since he was 15 years old. Michael’s passion for music started at a young age, and has since flourished into a full time career. Michael
began his music career as a DJ for a Band, and eventually transitioned into the nightclub scene. After flourishing as a club DJ all over New England, Michael decided to change gears and become a mobile DJ hosting private events, while also working as a Radio DJ for stations in the US + UK!


DJ Carlos

DJ Carlos has been rocking the turntables for over 20 years. Not only is Carlos a talented DJ, he is also an artist, songwriter, producer and performer. These additional skills are what separate him from other DJ’s. His talents give him the ability of blending, mixing and mashing up music from different genres. Creating new variations of your favorite songs on the spot, in away that you’ve never heard them before.


DJ Tyrell

DJ Tyrell has been behind the turn tables for 10 years! Ty’s love for music inspiried him to continue his education in music theory during his undergrad. During this time, his knew found
knowledge opened up a new world for Tyrell when it came to music. His passion for packing a dancefloors and rocking events hasn’t stopped since!


DJ Beato

With hundreds of events under his belt, DJ Beato (Jon) cannot be beat! After college, Jon was given the opportunity to learn how to DJ. Starting as a karaoke host, his passion for entertaining quickly turned into hosting events at night clubs. During his years as a night club DJ, Jon was able to develop skills that are critical to being mobile DJ. He has perfected the art of MCing, premier Audio + Visual Equipment, engaging with any size and style crowd and much more. DJ Beato thrives when playing different genres and blending them together without missing a beat. He loves to share the joy of music by keeping the dancefloor bumping all night long!


DJ Eli

With 11 years in the industry, DJ Eli is sure o bring life to any dancefloor! Eli has been setting the stage on fire with the perfect blend of tunes that keep the crowd moving. With a keen ear for mixing genres, crafting seamless transitions, and reading the energy of the room, DJ Eli’s expertise is unmatched. It's not just weddings where Eli shines; corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries & all types of gatherings have benefited from his magical touch. From small, intimate gatherings to large-scale events, DJ Eli knows how to set the mood and keep the party going.


DJ Joe

DJ Joe was born in Mozambique, Africa and immigrated to the US in 1990. Over the last 25 years, DJ Joe has perfected his craft- having DJ'd hundreds of weddings and events. With his diverse background, Joe is able to get the dancefloor packed for just about any crowd! Joe takes pride in working with his clients and making his unforgettable!



DJ Sha-Boo (Michael) has been behind the turn tables since he was 15 years old. Michael’s passion for music started at a young age, and has since flourished into a full time career. Michael DJ TC has been entertaining crowds for over 15 years. TC’s passion for DJ’ing began during college, hosting house parties quickly grew into hosting events at the largest bars and clubs in NYC, NJ + Philly! When you hire TC, you're not just hiring a DJ – you're partnering with a dedicated professional who understands the importance of punctuality, preparation, and communication. His attention to detail ensures that every aspect of your special day is flawlessly executed, from sound setup to lighting coordination. With his contagiously positive energy, he radiates enthusiasm, ensuring that everyone is engaged and having the time of their lives.



BB the DJ (Ben) has been packing dancefloors for over 10 years! His passion for performing started during college where he was on Phillidelphia Radio reporting traffic and a talk show. From that point on, his passion kept growing, leading him to start hosting his own events of all kind. Since then, Ben has rocked over 200 weddings all over New England, with that number growing by the day. Ben loves to bring parties to life, while bringing professionalism and personality to any event.


DJ Mike D.

For over 20 years, DJ Mike has been dominating the turn tables.Since an early age, Mike has had a passion for music, whichultimately carried him into a career as an event promoter - andfinally into his present life as a DJ. Mike prides himself on being 100%committed to his wedding couples and event clients, and workshardtop to prove his reliability and dependability as your DJ.


DJ Frank

With over 20 years of experience under his belt, DJ Frank is the perfect fit for any style event! Since his teenage years, Frank has developed a passion for music has been a driving force in his
success as a DJ. He has an over whelming desire to fill a room with positive vibes and good times for guests of all kinds! Frank's goal for every event is to create an atmosphere where guests
can create lasting memories and leave their worries behind!


DJ Joel

Over the years, Joel has embarked on a passionate journey through the world of music as a DJ. With an unwavering love for music he’s dedicated years to perfecting his craft. As an open-format DJ, he thrives on the versatility of mixing and blending various genres seamlessly. Joel's sets are a creative tapestry of sounds, where he remixes songs on the fly to keep the energy high and the crowd on their feet. He takes pride in my ability to read the room and tailor music to the vibe of the moment, ensuring that every event is an unforgettable experience. With a deep connection to music and a knack for bringing people together on the dance floor, Joel is committed to making each event a memorable and dynamic musical journey.


DJ Matty

DJ Matty fell in love with music as a child, and the passion never stopped! With over 10 years of experience under his belt, DJ Matty is guaranteed to be a hit at any style of event! With a passion for Oldies, Todays Hits and everything in between, DJ Matty flourishes when it comes to filling the
dance floor and keeping the party going all night long!


DJ Pat

DJ Pat has been mastering the turn tables for over 6 years! Living up to his roll as a”life of the party “, Pat makes sure to keep the party going all night with his energetic personality. Pat prioritizes his client’s needs, focusing on creating a fun and energetic atmosphere for all guests in attendance . With a background in Top 40’s, “Throwbacks” and Dance Music, DJ Pat is sure to keep the dance floor packed!


DJ Ryan Duarte

With 10+ years experience, DJ Ryan is sure o bring any dancefloor to life! For Ryan, music was the one passion in life that never left. Growing up, music was an outlet that allowed him to express himself and kept his motivation alive. For DJ Ryan, music brings a sense of purpose. Seeing groups of people get together and connect while singing and dancing is what it is all about. He flourishes with any style event, but loves nothing more than when a dancefloor is packed and the energy is high!


DJ Worthy

Bryce- better known as DJ Worthy,started his vision ofbecoming a DJ in graduate school. I started in my dorm roomand never looked back! I started with a simple idea- share my passion for music withothers as a DJ. That simple idea has evolved into the professionI love. I aim to create an experience with others that is unique,vibrant and engaging to any event.


DJ Mike

DJ Mike has always had a love for music and making people dance! Taking pride in the details of every event, DJ Mike ensures his clients and their guests are satisfied...while sprinkling in his charisma to make the night unforgettable! DJ Mike can't wait to be a part of your event, bringing the power of music to your special day!

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