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DJ Darien


DJ Darien has been mastering the turntables for almost ten years! With his great attention to detail and always putting the client at the forefront, DJ Darien is guaranteed to make your event everything you've dreamed of! DJ Darien loves keeping the dancefloor packed all night and will be a great addition to any event.

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  • DJ Darien is a New Bedford native.

  • DJ Mike has a vast knowledge of music, ranging from Hip-Hop, R'n'B, Top 40, and more!

  • DJ Darien loves all genres of music, ranging from the 80's-the 2000s. He also specializes in Portuguese, Spanish, Dominican, and Cape Verdean Cultures.

  • Specializes in Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate, Military Balls & more!

  • Fun Fact: DJ Darien previously worked for New Bedford Cable Access, covering Audio/Visual editing!

  • Top 3 Songs To Pack the Dance Floor:

  1. I Wanna Dance With Somebody- Whitney Houston

  2. Suavemente- Elvia Crespo

  3. Lets Grove- Earth, Wind & Fire

B A B S S .
Married June 2022

"Darien was the perfect DJ for us! He really took time to understand who we were as a couple and what kind of music we were into. He must have stalked our Spotify because all the music played during the happy hour, dinner and dancing was spot on! He also did a great job helping the day flow and announcing dinner
and activities. I can't thank him enough for making our day so perfect. I wish we could do it again!!"

G I N A S .
Married October 2022

"Darien put my very clear interest first and he did everything in his power to make the bride happy. Darien
went above and beyond his expectations and I highly recommend him as a DJ!!

M I R I A M K .
Married July 2022

"DJ Mike, who was extremely kind and helpful as we planned everything. He totally understood out our
style and had plenty of song suggestions to complement our choices. On the wedding day, Mike had every music cue perfect and made the dance floor a blast. For a pretty small wedding (~85) the dance floor was packed all night! "


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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