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Rentals + Enhancements 

Audio Guest Books 


Record voice messages from your guests as memorable keepsakes

Starting at $300


Flower Walls

Decorative walls adorned with a

vibrant array of flowers

Available as a stand alone service or 

add-on service

Stand Alone $600

Add-On $300

Event Lighting / Effects


LED Par Lights (Uplights)

  • Description: Battery-powered, Versatile, and energy-efficient lights for creating ambiance quad colored leds able to create over 16 million colors. 

  • Models Available: [1 pin] [4 pin], [ 5 pin]


Moving Head Lights

  • Description: Dynamic lights with movement, perfect for stage effects.

  • Models Available: Imrelax 90w (spot)


Gig Bars

  • Description: All-in-one system creates light shows.

  • Models Available: [Gigbar 2], [Flex Q ILS]


Fog Machines / Haze Machines

  • Description: Enhance lighting effects and create a unique atmosphere

  • Models Available: [American DJ], [Chavet]


CO2 Handhelds

  • Features: Handheld, easy to use, suitable for small events.

  • Tank Size Options: 20 lb


CO2 Cannon

  • Features: Fixed installation, controlled bursts of CO2, programmable for synchronized shows.

  • Tank Size Options: 20lb

AV Equipment Rental List

DJ Equipment:

  • DJ Controllers

    • Description: All-in-one solutions for mixing music.

    • Models Available: [Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4 2 channel]

  • Headphones

    • Description: High-quality headphones for monitoring and mixing.

Audio Equipment

  • PA Systems / Speakers

    • Description: Portable and powerful public address systems suitable for various event

    • Types: Powered Speakers, Passive Speakers, Line Arrays, Subwoofers.

    • Brands: EV (electro voice), [QSC], [JBL], [Yahmaha]

    • Options: [Small PA System], [Medium PA System], [Large PA System]

  • Microphones

    • Types: Wired and Wireless Microphones, Lapel Microphones, Headset Microphones.

    • Brands: [Shure], [Sennhieser], [Rode]

  • Mixers

    • Description: Audio mixers for sound control and blending.

    • Options: [4-Channel Mixer], [8-Channel Mixer], [12-Channel Mixer]

Visual Equipment

  • TVs / Monitors

    • Description: High-quality TVs suitable for presentations and branding.

    • Sizes: {27”], [55”]

  • Projectors

    • Description: High-quality projectors suitable for presentations and screenings.
    • Brightness: [4000 Lumens], [6000 Lumens]
  • Screens

    • Types: Fast-Fold Screens.

    • Sizes: [120”], [145”]

Additional Equipment

Laptops and Tablets

  • Description: Devices prepped for presentations or media control.

  • Options: [Windows Laptop], [MacBook], [iPad]

Cables and Accessories

  • Description: All necessary cables, stands, and accessories for equipment setup.

  • Types: HDMI, XLR, Power Cables, etc.

Speaker Stands:

  • Description: Sturdy, portable stand for holding and elevating speakers.

  • Types: [Miscellaneous]

Light stands:

  • Description: Sturdy, portable stand for holding and elevating lighting.

  • Types: [Miscellaneous]

TV Stands:

  • Description: Sturdy, portable stand for holding and elevating TVs.

  • Types: [Flex Stand] [ProX]

Speaker / Light stand Covers (scrims)

  • Description: Provides a higher level of presentation, covers and allows to hide wires and other items

  • Colors: [White] [Black]

Additional Services (if applicable)

  • On-Site Technical Support

  • Delivery and Setup

  • Custom AV Solutions

  • Sound Technician Assistance

  • Lighting Setup and Operation

  • Event Planning Consultation

  • Projection and AV Setup

CO2 Special Effects

The perfect addition to any dance floor!

Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 11.37.07â_¯AM.png

Marquee Letters

Light up your night!
Starting at $300 *subject to delivery fee

Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 11.11.47â_¯AM.png
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