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"Getting to Know Mike & Bryan: A Look Inside Episode 1"

Updated: Mar 20

Listen to the full episode here

Revolutionizing the Wedding Industry: The Birth of an Iconic Podcast

In a world where music and entertainment seamlessly blend to create unforgettable moments, the debut episode of the Industry Podcast, sponsored by South Coast Entertainment, marks the beginning of a transformative journey. Hosted by Mike and the celebrated DJ Fresco (Brian), this innovative podcast aims to be the nexus for the myriad voices of the entertainment sector, starting with the vibrant world of weddings and events.

The Visionaries Behind the Mic

Mike, with his infectious enthusiasm, and DJ Fresco, known for his eclectic hat collection and musical prowess, introduce themselves and their ambitious vision for the podcast. They aspire to create a unifying platform for entertainment professionals, from DJs to event planners, and everyone in between, not just in New England but across the globe. Their goal is to shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes of the entertainment industry, offering insights, sharing stories, and fostering a community of creativity and collaboration.

DJ Fresco: The Man Behind the Music

DJ Fresco shares his journey from being dubbed B Fresh in his youth to becoming a musical maestro known for his fresh mixes and deep respect for the art of DJing. His tale evolves from a music-loving teenager to a stage name inspired by the Italian word for "fresh." Fresco delves into his musical influences, spanning genres and generations, and recounts his early days of making music and stepping into the world of DJing. He highlights the importance of authenticity and adaptation in crafting sets that resonate with diverse audiences, drawing from his rich musical background and keen understanding of rhythm and flow.

A Night to Remember: The Unforgettable Wedding

Fresco recounts one of his most memorable—and challenging—wedding gigs, a true test of a DJ's mettle. Amidst a torrential downpour, power outages, and unexpected mishaps, Fresco and the South Coast team demonstrated resilience and ingenuity, turning a potentially disastrous night into a testament to their dedication and skill. This story underscores the unpredictable nature of live events and the critical role of the DJ in navigating these challenges with grace and professionalism.

Mike's Musical Odyssey

Mike's narrative is a heartfelt tribute to the power of music and its capacity to shape our lives and memories. From his early exposure to a rich tapestry of genres, thanks to his father's eclectic record collection, to his adventures in karate teaching where music played a pivotal role, Mike's journey is a testament to his passion for music. He reflects on the evolution of his DJ style, the thrill of creating the perfect playlist, and the profound satisfaction derived from bringing joy to wedding couples and partygoers alike.

A Future Forged in Harmony

As the podcast concludes, Mike and DJ Fresco contemplate the future of their venture and the broader impact they hope to achieve. They envision a world where DJs and entertainment professionals across regions and genres come together to share, learn, and grow. Their discussion touches on the potential for expansion, the importance of community over competition, and the dream of creating a more inclusive and supportive industry culture.

The Industry Podcast: A Beacon of Innovation

The Industry Podcast, with its debut episode, stands as a beacon of innovation and inspiration in the wedding and entertainment industry. Mike and DJ Fresco are not just hosts but pioneers, inviting listeners on a journey of discovery, connection, and celebration. Through their stories, insights, and the voices of their guests, they aim to revolutionize how we think about music, events, and the magic that happens when people come together to celebrate life's most precious moments.

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